More’s missing! We’ll have to send out a search party!

Cheryl came home all smiles the other day. Seems that her test results were ‘good’, including her blood sugars and she’d lost another 2 lbs. Not quite what she’d been hoping for, but it was better than she expected. She was still smiling, and that’s the main part. She even let us celebrate with her. She bought some wet food, turned it into gushy food for us and we pigged out. I’m happy, too.

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The tests for Casey came back negative!!! That means that Cheryl doesn’t have to worry too much about things, just getting our ears sorted out and our weight back up. Those she can do, she says. The main thing is that she’s not doing a deathwatch over us. I’m glad of that, too.

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Awaiting the Other Shoe

Cheryl says that one shoe has dropped and she’s waiting for the other one. Cheryl says some funny things because both of her shoes are on her feet.

It’s not been a good week for us. I’ve developed an ear infection like Casey has, we’ve both lost weight and Casey went to see the vet today. $145 later, we’ll see if he has Feline AIDS or Leukemia. His ears have been cleaned out and he’s got medicine that he has to take, twice a week at first, then once a week for a long time, maybe forever. If he gets any more infections in his ears, it could kill him. I get to have my ears rinsed out with vinegar twice a week (and that hurts!) and a bit of Casey’s meds if the infection doesn’t clear up with the rinse. It’s not too bad yet, so we’ll see what happens.

There is a plus side to all this, though. With the infections running rampant, we don’t have any ear mites any more and it’s too cold to go outside and get any.

But Cheryl says that bad things come in threes and there’s only been her getting sick and the vet bill so far. She wonders what else will happen.

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Now she’s lost something vital!

Cheryl has lost two things. The first one, I think, is her mind. She’s jumping around here like some sort of demented frog and cheering because she lost something called ‘fourteen pounds’. Normally, she gets rather upset when she loses things, but not today.

Maybe part of her problem is all this cleaning and crocheting that she’s doing? When she’s not running up and down stairs to do laundry, she’s driving me nuts with the broom. I just get comfortable and she wants me to move! I *like* the fur on the floor. It makes for a soft bed. I should know. It’s *my* fur!

Maybe she lost those “pound” thingies in the basement? They might have been accidentally chucked in the garbage. A lot of stuff went out last weekend and Cheryl didn’t seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to what went into the garbage bag. Just ‘chuck’, ‘chuck’, ‘chuck’, ‘keep’, ‘chuck’. That’s all she said. It was kinda scary.

She saw the dietician today, too, she says. Her blood sugars are ‘doing okay’, no real spikes except once or twice. This is a good thing, Cheryl says. I dunno. It hasn’t helped her temper any and she complains about having to poke her finger several times a day. I can imagine that that last one would make anyone cranky, I suppose, but still…. On the plus side, she stopped in at Buddy’s and got us some wet food. Salmon! Casey and I like that idea, but Cinnamon isn’t so sure. She’d better eat it before Casey or I get in there, that’s for sure.

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Oh, she is soooo going to regret this!

Cheryl and Gloria cleaned house on the weekend, with brawn supplied by Jacob. Now Cheryl’s walking around stiff and sore. There’s still a pile of stuff that has to be done, but the majority of the stuff is clean. I think Cheryl should take pictures of it, but what do I know?

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