Thomas’ Turn

Cheryl here. Thomas lost his battle with the infection in his eyes last night. I don’t know if his attempt to get on the washer contributed to his death, but it woke me up last night. He was fine at 4am. When I went to feed him at 7, he was gone.

I know I haven’t been maintaining this site as I should, but I’m going to work harder at it this year. Alex will be the spokescat from now on.

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What’s She Up To Now?

Cheryl has been busy doing Christmas presents. For those of you who don’t know her, she taught herself how to tat. It’s a form of lace-making and it can be quite tricky. There was a pattern for a tatted cross that took her about a dozen tries to finish. And no, she’s not going to be making another any time soon. Mind you, now that she’s managed to figure out the intricacies of the pattern, the second one would probably be a little easier to do.

She’s also doing some research for her mid-grade/young adult novel. She says she didn’t do well in chemistry in high school, but she’s learning about it now. And biology. And how water treatment plants work. And about chop shops. And a few other things that she hasn’t quite got worked out yet. But she will, now that she’s not arguing with a tatting shuttle.

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It’s A Good Thing…

I had already published the large print books. The rest of my week will be cleaning up after a flooded basement. Everything important is upstairs, but there are clothes and things that will need throwing out or rewashing. Sorting is the first priority, once the water drains.

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Just About There

Cheryl has been busy. She’s rearranging the living room, the kitchen, and the craft room. She’s also finished her book series and is just waiting on some answers from Toronto Water Department/High Park Maintenance in order to finish up the eighth book. She’s also done her memoirs, about the time she was in the military. That was book six under her belt. Book Seven is a compendium to the Der Reizen series.

I get to sleep on the printer these days, mostly because the living room couch is piled high with stuff that has to go elsewhere. I’m not sure how she’s going to fit everything in here, but she seems to be managing it, slow but sure.

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Sinjin, Too, Has Crossed the Bridge

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that our orange tabby, Sinjin, the one who would never sit still for photos, passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. He is in a better place now, I know that. He will no longer have seizures or be in pain. But I will miss him and his cranky ways. Cheryl will miss him, too. Alex is trying to take up the slack of sleeping with Cheryl, but he’s not as cuddly as Sinjin was.

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