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Music To Grow By

I know that music is good for me, helping me both energize and blow off “The Blues”. The hard part is finding music that I can listen to for more than an hour.

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She’s Baa-a-a-ck!

Poor Sari. She looks so shorn and forlorn. Now I definitely feel guilty.

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Cats, Kittens and Guilt

Well, we’ve found a home for one of the kittens, the one that looks like my neighbour’s cat and Sari’s in the “hospital” getting spayed. She’s not going to like us much when she gets back tomorrow, I’m sure.

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It Didn’t Blow Up!!

Well, I have the new power supply installed into the G4 and it seems to work. The specs for the new one are less than what I had on the old one. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect … Continue reading

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Updates and Downtimes

Well, this has been an interesting time. I’ve ordered some parts on ebay, and two of the three have arrived. I’m expecting the last part either this week or early next week. I’m also supposed to be getting parcels from … Continue reading

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