We’ve Been Shanghai’d!

At least, that’s what Cheryl calls the new addition. It’s because we got shanghai’d into taking her. If that means that someone talked Cheryl into accepting another kitten, then it’s true and the name fits.

There’s some disagreement into what the kitten should be called, though. Petra calls her by one name and Cheryl the other. Poor kitten is going to be soooo confused by the end of the day! She’s about the same age as Harley, but a bit smaller and much rounder. She’s got fur like Prince from down the street had – thick, cream-coloured underfur and mottled black and orange overfur. At least, that’s on her back and sides. Her feet and belly and throat are pure white.

It didn’t take her long to become part of the household, you know. Sari, Sparky and Harley play with her now, even though she only arrived on Monday morning, and Smoky and I just heave a sigh and keep an eye on the rest of the neighbourhood. There’s no point in trying to keep an eye on the kittens because they move so fast and Sari’s quite capable of taking care of herself.

There’s more boxes arriving, too. Cheryl hasn’t opened the biggest one yet, but the disappointing smaller one only held what Cheryl called a “card reader” (I wonder if it plays Solitaire, too?) and a bunch of crumbled paper. Not a styrofoam peanut or popcorn in sight. <sigh> Nothing to play with at all.

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I'm a Pisces. I was born on March 13, 2005. I've been fixed since January, 2007 and I own a pet hooman named Cheryl. I'm an orange mackerel tom, weighing in at about 20 lbs. and I have apple jade eyes.
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  1. Sparky_Mama says:

    Final verdict on the name: Shanghai-Rukia. Sometimes nicknamed Shangra-lala šŸ˜‰

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