She’s Doing The Busy Thing Again

Cheryl was busy today and didn’t even want to share! I’m not impressed. It’s not that I *wanted* a taste of her stew or the bread she made, but an offering of it might have been nice. It would have been the polite thing to do. It was, after all, beef stew.

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I'm a Pisces. I was born on March 13, 2005. I've been fixed since January, 2007 and I own a pet hooman named Cheryl. I'm an orange mackerel tom, weighing in at about 20 lbs. and I have apple jade eyes.
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2 Responses to She’s Doing The Busy Thing Again

  1. Pegasette says:

    tut tut. tuna one day, whining about no beef stew the next.

    so i just read that article from waay early this month. want to know if they are looking for better reporters in pa now? or are the houses so packed that, what 12? people is considered empty? cause if THAT’s the case i’d say no wonder the rent is stupid. and makes me wonder how many ppl you have to cram in a 2 bedroom apt to warrent a $600 a month rent, here in MJ.

    Am Very cold today. was out in the almost -30 windcill in my jeans. 3 times. am going to eat supper and warm up.


  2. Joey says:

    Nah, Marie and her family moved out of the house in November. They needed to do some serious renovations and the city inspector said that people couldn’t live in the house until they were done. Marie owned the house, too. She didn’t rent it.

    It’s been cold up here, too. We haven’t been out in a couple of days and Cheryl’s out of treats. She’s not the only one waiting for the end of the month!

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