Now she’s lost something vital!

Cheryl has lost two things. The first one, I think, is her mind. She’s jumping around here like some sort of demented frog and cheering because she lost something called ‘fourteen pounds’. Normally, she gets rather upset when she loses things, but not today.

Maybe part of her problem is all this cleaning and crocheting that she’s doing? When she’s not running up and down stairs to do laundry, she’s driving me nuts with the broom. I just get comfortable and she wants me to move! I *like* the fur on the floor. It makes for a soft bed. I should know. It’s *my* fur!

Maybe she lost those “pound” thingies in the basement? They might have been accidentally chucked in the garbage. A lot of stuff went out last weekend and Cheryl didn’t seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to what went into the garbage bag. Just ‘chuck’, ‘chuck’, ‘chuck’, ‘keep’, ‘chuck’. That’s all she said. It was kinda scary.

She saw the dietician today, too, she says. Her blood sugars are ‘doing okay’, no real spikes except once or twice. This is a good thing, Cheryl says. I dunno. It hasn’t helped her temper any and she complains about having to poke her finger several times a day. I can imagine that that last one would make anyone cranky, I suppose, but still…. On the plus side, she stopped in at Buddy’s and got us some wet food. Salmon! Casey and I like that idea, but Cinnamon isn’t so sure. She’d better eat it before Casey or I get in there, that’s for sure.

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I'm a Pisces. I was born on March 13, 2005. I've been fixed since January, 2007 and I own a pet hooman named Cheryl. I'm an orange mackerel tom, weighing in at about 20 lbs. and I have apple jade eyes.
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2 Responses to Now she’s lost something vital!

  1. Rob F. says:

    Be patient with Cheryl, Joey; she’s now got fourteen fewer reasons to be cranky! Heck, if she were living in Australia, it’d be over thirty reasons! So sit on her lap and purr at her for a while, okay? đŸ˜€

  2. Joey says:

    Thirty reasons? She tells me she’s lost 6kg or 14lbs. One whole stone, whatever that is. Mind you, if we lived in Australia, she’d be sweating off the pounds quite easily, I’m sure. And eating properly and all manner of good things.

    But I dunno about a move. Are there mice in Australia?

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