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Anticipation Is Driving Me Crazy!

The girls are due home from their dad’s place some time this afternoon. The wait is driving me crazy. I’m not sure which bus they’re coming in on, but their dad usually phones to let me know they’re on the … Continue reading

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Little Things

It’s funny how the little things in Life can come to mean so much. I don’t think I appreciated how much I depend on the girls for company and … well, I guess you could call it “moral support”.

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Long Day, Short Post

Well, this has been a long day, first with shopping for school supplies and then with the girls leaving for almost a fortnight.

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Okay, Netscape says that I can post a message to my blog without actually going to the blog. We’ll see, shall we?

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At The End Of The Rope

Well, I think I’ve reached the end of my rope. I spent most of today sleeping and I still feel tired. I know, overslept most likely, but it’s more than that. I felt tired today. So very tired.

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