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A Sad Day Indeed

Wednesday was a sad day for us. We usually have coffee with Cheryl on the front porch every morning, with maybe the odd foray across the street.

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Things Are Back To Normal?

Well, it looks like some things are back to normal around here. We had 8 cats in the house the other day and it was… interesting.

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The Sky Is Leaking!

The sky is leaking and it’s been doing that for the last few hooman darks. I don’t like it. I can’t get outside as much as I’d like and being stuck in the house with five other cats can be…. … Continue reading

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The Cats Came Back

“Well, the cats came back and we thought they’d been goners…” to quote the old song. Bonnie and Clyde have come back home and the whole house is in an uproar.

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An Interesting Week

Since our new toys arrived, we’ve been having all sorts of fun. The Box is a great hit, as are the treats. I’m not sure which one I like best. I think it has to be the treats. I can … Continue reading

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