Family Album #1

Hazel  This is Hazel when she first came to us, playing with a ball of yarn underneath the kitchen table. 
Joey in his basket This is the largest basket Lewiscraft had and Cheryl bought it just for me because I had outgrown my old basket.
Sari sleeping on Petra’s top bunk Sari likes to sleep on the top bunk in Petra’s old room. It’s not that comfortable, I think, but it keeps us out of trouble.
Shanghai’s favourite position Shanghai loves to sleep on the back of the couch, like some sort of out-of-service monorail.
Smoky on the TV Smoky likes to park herself on the TV box and look out the window. She says it’s warmer than sleeping on the bookcase.
Shanghai, Joey and Harley This is one of the last pictures we have of Harley, with Shanghai and I, sleeping on the couch.

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