Family Album #2

Birdie and Marjorie This is Birdie. She’s been adopted out, but she got the name because she loved to perch on people’s heads, just like this.
Harley, Joey and Shanghai Harley is the grey tabby, I, of course, am in the middle and Shanghai is trying to find a comfortable place to have a snooze.
Hazel Here’s another picture of Hazel once we got a collar for her. She was still hissing and spitting at everyone at this stage, but she enjoyed playing with Cheryl’s yarn.
Joey, laid out Each of these squares is 6 inches wide, so I’m about 2 feet long, nose to the base of my tail. Cheryl says that’s just the right size for a kitty.
Joey, close up Cheryl does enjoy taking pictures, but as you can see, I’m not much fussed on the idea. I was hoping for a quiet nap, not a photo shoot.
Monorail  Shanghai This is one of Shanghai’s favourite positions, when she’s not snuggled up against another cat. She loves to play “monorail kitty”.
Shanghai chair Her second favourite position is hiding on the kitchen chair and waiting for someone to come along so she can reach out and touch them. Or ignore them and have a nap, whichever suits her mood.
Shanghai, Joey and Harley Here’s another shot of the three of us. Between Petra and Cheryl, there were a lot of pictures taken that day.
Smoky on the Box Here’s a picture of a typical “Smoky Day”. She lounges on the TV box and snoozes.
Smoky, Beef and Broccoli Smoky likes Beef and Broccoli Chinese food. Here’s a picture of her chowing down on a plateful. She eats it in the same manner every time – sauce first, then the beef then the broccoli. She even leaves some for us on occasion.
Sparky This is Sparky after she’s had her favourite treats. The rule is, if you go outside and come in when you’re called, you get treats. Sparky usually comes when she’s called – if she’s not the first one back in the house before Cheryl gets too cold/hot, that is. Sparky’s living with Diana, Marjorie, Shanghai, Rudy and Lady, the last two being dogs. Apparently, they get along just fine now. She originally tried to intimidate them, but the dogs just ignored her so she settled down and learned to get along.

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  1. Sparky_Mama says:

    Sparky also has a VERY LOUD kitty motor tht can be heard from Dians’s farm all the way to Winnipeg!!! (Well, over the phone that is, lol)….

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